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A Century Later: AU’s Lost Alma Mater Returns to Life: Virtual performance brings AU Symphonic Band and Orchestra together again

It sounds simple, but it was a big job. “This project turned out to be a monster of a task, between arranging, mixing, and editing,” says Moriak. “That being said, I would do it all over again. Music has a way of transporting people into different worlds and no matter how much work it takes, it is always worth it to see your creative efforts bring emotional positivity to people’s lives, especially in times such as these.”


“You Should Let Me Host” Writer Talks Oscars, His Creative Process, and Collaborating With A Childhood Friend

Anything I can weasel my way into, or that people make me weasel my way into. For example, right now I’m working with the orchestra director and we’re doing a big AU pops concert in the Amphitheater in April. (Shoutout to that.) We’re doing a bunch of song arrangements for songs like Skyfall, a bunch of fun pieces, and hopefully it will be a big thing. So right now I’m planning that, and I’m conducting in that.